Pharmacy Benefit Strategies to Achieve Positive Financial & Clinical Outcomes

for Hospitals & Health Systems


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What You Will Learn

America’s hospitals – specifically its 7M+ employees – play a critical role in the healthcare system including being available 24/7 to treat anything from a sore throat to a broken leg to a catastrophic health emergency, maintaining the resources to respond to pandemics and manmade disasters, and serving as the safety net for those unable to pay for outpatient treatment. Unfortunately, higher utilization and drug spend is common among healthcare workers. Easy access to prescribers and more awareness of new drug therapies make healthcare employees more likely to ask for and receive, prescription drugs. On average, 70% of a hospital’s plan members take prescriptions each year, which is 25% higher utilization than the typical commercial plan.

In this White Paper, you’ll learn about:

  • Balancing competing pharmacy goals in a complex environment
  • Identifying therapy classes driving plan spend among hospitals and health systems
  • Developing a multi-prong population health strategy
  • Optimizing pharmacy benefits strategies to address the industry’s most prevalent health challenges
  • Partnering with us and our unique ability to deliver expertise and customized programs to maximize savings


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